Beneath the Surface: Fear to Faith

Big Idea: What do we do when our beliefs come into conflict with our circumstances? We root our hope in God knowing that faith gives us an unshakable hope in crisis. God, through Moses, led the Israelites out of Egypt and told them to camp by the Red Sea. The Egyptians pursued them, and the Israelites panicked. Moses told them to have faith, stand firm and see the Lord’s deliverance.

Key Passages: Exodus 14:1-31

Sharing Life:

  • What stood out to you from this weekend’s message? 
  • How have fears around the coronavirus affected you and your family?

Opening Scripture:

Read Exodus 14:1-31.

  • How did the people respond when they were being pursued? How do you respond when you are afraid?
  • How did Moses respond when the people cried out in fear? How did God show up?
  • The Bible says “Fear not” 365 times. Share a passage that encourages you when you are battling fear.
  • Share a situation when you chose faith over fear.

Praying Together:

  • Take a moment to pray for one another.
  • Pray for the Covid-19 situation: healing, wisdom, protection
  • Pray for opportunities and boldness to encourage others and to invite them to watch livestream with us