Here and Now: Acts Today

Writer: Patrick McDonald

Big Idea: The movement of God is still alive today. Through a small band of believers God moved from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. They were not perfect, but they did keep the main thing, the main thing.  Where the Early Church went, the Good News was not only heard, it was seen in their lives.

Discipleship Focus: Serving in our church.

Action: Advent Local Projects

Growing up, life is very scheduled and structured. I still remember the regular rhythms of my childhood and teenage years with fondness. September meant the start of a new school year, the beginning of a new soccer season, and an abundance of football to watch on television. December meant Christmas season which was full of good food, time with family, a break from school and basketball season. By March it was time to play and watch as much baseball as possible, while trying to find time to get homework done. When June rolled around, we were free! This meant a variety of sports camps, too many hours of video games, some parental enforced homework, and a family vacation. When late August came around, we started all over again.

Even heading off to college meant a new but familiar rhythm.  A school year filled with classes and homework and summer time spent earning money or gaining internship experience. Much of our lives from kindergarten until our early twenties are spent preparing for the future. I still remember graduating from college and realizing that all of sudden life didn’t have the familiar structure and rhythms. For the first time, I realized that I had to be proactive and take the initiative in setting my own priorities for each day, each week, each month. Instead of looking ahead and seeing another school year ahead of me with clear objectives, assignments, and tests, I saw a whole life ahead of me filled with unknowns. My time of learning and preparing was ending, and my time to advance with a mission and focus had come.

I imagine that is how the disciples felt after Jesus left them to continue His kingdom work on earth. Jesus promised to always be with them, but it was now up to the disciples to advance God’s kingdom, to make disciples, and to establish the church. This same mission continues for us today, and will continue for each generation of Christians until Jesus returns. For now we have the opportunity and responsibility to participate in this great calling.

Reading: Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:1-8, Acts 28:30-31

Discussion Questions:


  • What is one way that this series on Acts challenged you? How has that shaped your faith or your life?
  • What does it look like to make Jesus and his church a top priority in your current season of life?
  • What does it look like to live as an example of Jesus at home? At work? At church?
  • What does it look like to proclaim the kingdom of God with boldness and without hindrance?