Sunday Services


Morning Worship Center Services

10 am (Approx 1 hour)

There is one Worship Center Service held every Sunday morning. The worship music is contemporary, life affirming, and uplifting. The message is relevant, thoughtful and inspiring. You will find a casual and welcoming atmosphere; come enjoy a cup of coffee on us before and after services.

Traditional Service

10 am (Approx 1 hour)

The Traditional Sunday Service is held in the chapel. Our worship music here is composed of rich classical hymns led by our talented choir and orchestra. The teaching is the same as the other weekend services but is shown via video.

High School Service

Where: HSM Room (upstairs Family Life Center Building)
Start Time: 10 am (Approx 1 hour)

High School students come together in a lively atmosphere. The Music is modern and the energy is friendly and casual.

Middle School Service

Where: MSM Room (upstairs Family Life Center Building)
Start Time: 10 am (Approx 1 hour) 

Middle School students are a bundle of energy. Our services blend life and faith in a practical manner and students leave prepared to tackle the questions and doubts that come along with life.

Common Questions

Every church, like every family, is unique. Here are a few questions people ask about our church services.