Take a Risk: With your Anonymity

Teacher: Mark 


Big Idea: Baptism is a major milestone in our faith journey. It can be easy to slip in and out of church, to quietly sit in the back row as a casual observer when it comes to our faith, but our faith grows exponentially when we move out of the shadows of anonymity and take our faith public. Jesus taught baptism as essential milestone in the life of a believer, not because it has any saving power, but it underlines the reality that our faith is personal, not private. Our faith in Jesus was meant to be shared within the love and support of a church family. Know that when you step out in faith to share about what God has done in your life, you inspire others to take a risk with their faith as well.  

Weekly Prayer FocusPraise God for those who have just been baptized and pray they would remain steadfast in their faith and would have the boldness to share their experience with others.